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 Telephone Numbers:

Main School Administration (Blue Office):                     
                                          JHQ Military (72) 2344 or +49 (0)2161 472 2344
Ark School Foundation Stage (Green Office):           
                                          JHQ Military (72) 3151 or +49 (0)2161 472 3151
Out of hours and at busy times, you may be connected to an answer phone. If you leave a message and contact number, we will get back to you.
Website: Ark School SCE)
E-mail: (main school office)
E-mail: (Early Years Foundation Stage)
Contact Details
Military address:                  
Ark School                              
BFPO 40    


German Civil address:
Ark School
109/113 Otto-Schmalbruch-Straße
JHQ Rheindahlen
41179 Mönchengladbach