Outside Area & Eco Development Project

Developing the outside area of Ark School


At Ark School we have been developing our outside area to ensure our children make the most of their environment and have an inspiring and enjoyable time in our school. We believe that the outdoor environment has massive potential for learning, offering motivating, exciting, different, relevant and easily accessible activities from pre-school years to Year Six.

For this reason Phase One of our development has centred on a TierpArk. There has been strong evidence in recent years demonstrating the value, to children; of social relationships with companion animals it is important that children be taught proper and safe behaviour towards those animals and the correct care, handling and treatment of the various companion animal species.

We think that close involvement with animals in the school curriculum can encourage the moral, spiritual and personal development of each child, bring social benefits to the school community and enhance opportunities for learning in many different areas. Furthermore, it is extremely rewarding to see how many of our children’s families are willing to give their own time over the weekends and in holidays to support our animal care.

Here are a collection of photographs, work and reflections from our children highlighting our progress so far with the development of TierpArk.  We hope you will be inspired to follow our journey and visit the animals.

Mrs Simone Walsh
Eco Co-ordinator